Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Who can be involved in Student Ministry activities?
Any student in the grade 7-12th are welcomed to be involved in any Student Ministry activity.  We asked that student have completed 6th grade before attending summer camps and mission trips.  Whether a student is in public school or home schooled - all  are welcomed.

2.  Where do I go for Student Ministry activities?
All activities that pretain to Student Ministry are held in the Family Life Center of First Baptist Church.  The Family Life Center is located on the north side of our church plant with the entrance facing 5th Street between A and B Avenue.  It is also the Gym Building.  The FLC Lounge in located on the first floor and the Youth Room is located on the second floor.  All class room are located on the second floor.

3.  Are student properly supervised at all Student Ministry events?
We have an incredible group of adults who work side by side with our students at all activities.  From individual teachers in bible study to camp and mission trip sponsors, they are surrounded by adults who have been called to love on young people here in this place.  We also have college students who intern and  spend their summers ministering to our students.

4.  What is appropriate clothing to wear to Student Ministry events?
The best description of appropriate clothing is clean, modest, respectful clothing that does not draw attention to oneself or distract from anything that is happening such as worship, bible study, etc.   As a general rule, clothing that meets Lawton Public School Dress Code would meet our standards.  Exception would be swim wear - We ask all female students to wear one piece swimsuits or wear a dark t-shirt covering their two-piece swimsuit.  If there is a question, please ask our Minister to Students.

5.  What do camps and activities cost?  
All of our weekly activities such as JAM and all of our Bible studies are free of charge.  Some activities such as Falls Creek, Impact and Mission Trips do have a fee to participate.  That being said, we never want cost to be a factor in any student not being able to participate.  We have scholarship funds available on an as needed basis.  We will also try our very best to make sure all students are able to participate in any activity.  If there is a need for financial help, please contact our Minister to Students.