Guidelines for Parents

  • Bring your child to church regularly. Talk to your child about the fun time they have at church. Regular attendance makes things easier for you and your child. Sporadic attendance can cause anxiety and fear in a young child.
  • Don’t linger to long after you drop off your child. Lingering prolongs your child’s transition and may add to his/her anxiety. Tell them you will return soon. Many children calm down within a few minutes of a parent leaving. If your child continues to be upset, we will notify you.
  • Babies, creepers and toddlers will be promoted to the next class based on their physical development. Older preschoolers are assigned to classed based on their date of birth and are promoted to the next class once a year, in August.
  • After attending FBC for six months, parents are encouraged to volunteer for a rotation in the preschool area during the 10:50 worship hour.